Ondrej loved mountains, he found inspiration, a source of energy and mental relaxation in them. Safety was of utmost importance for him. He was always preparing himself carefully for his climbing trips, and did not ever underestimate the importance of a mountain guide. Mostly with them he summited the highest peaks in Europe, and if he were to be here with us, his list of conquered peaks would certainly grow at an exponential rate. A list? Yes, a list! Ondrej has been keeping records of all of his climbing expeditions higher than 2.000 meters Let's take a look together from what heights he was looking down at us:

» 2.000 - 2.999 m. » 3.000 - 3.999 m. » 4.000 - 4.999 m.

Conquered peaks 3.000 - 3.999 m.

Climb Altitude Style Surface With When Note
ITA Spallone dei Masodi 3004 Via ferrata Rock Group 7/12 Via delle Bochcette - Bennini a Bocchcette Alte
SUI Unterrothorn 3104 Hike Rock Guide 7/06
USA Lassen Peak 3187 Hike Rock Bidousek 8/99
AUT Dreilanderspitze 3197 Scramble Snow&Ice Group 8/04 Adventura
ITA Tofana di Roses 3225 Via ferrata Rock Group 7/01 VF Lipella, Adventura + Bidousek
AUT Silvrettahorn 3244 Scramble Rock Group 8/04 Adventura
SUI Hornli Hutte 3260 Hike Rock 9/07
SUI Hohtalli 3273 Hike Rock 9/08
AUT Piz Buin 3312 Scramble Snow&Ice Group 8/04 Adventura
ITA Marmolada 3343 Hike Rock/Snow&Ice Group 7/01 Adventura+Bidousek
FRA Aigulle de Moine 3412 Scramble Rock Guide 9/12 Up to 3300
FRA Tete Blanche 3420 Hike Snow&Ice Guide 9/06 Icicle
FRA Aiguille du Tour 3542 Scramble Snow&Ice Guide 9/06 Icicle
FRA Aiguille d Entreves 3604 Scramble Snow&Ice Guide 8/10 Icicle
FRA Pointe Lachenal 3613 Scramble/Rock climb Rock/ Snow&Ice Guide 9/12 Icicle
AUT Grossglockner 3798 Scramble Snow&Ice Group 8/05 Adventura
FRA Aiguille du Midi 3842 Scramble Snow&Ice Guide 9/06, 8/07, 3/11 Arete de Cosmiques, Icicle
FRA Aiguille de Gouter 3863 Scramble Rock/ Snow&Ice Guide 9/06 Icicle